Ohio State Fair Victim’s Injured Girlfriend Wakes Up & Discovers He’s Dead — So Heartbreaking

This is just devastating! A 19-year-old woman badly injured in the Ohio State Fair ride tragedy woke up in the hospital to find out the Fireball ride accident had killed her boyfriend. We have the sad details.
How agonizing! Keziah Lewis, 19, was among the seven victims badly injured when a car broke off from the Fireball ride at the Ohio State Fair, sending it airborne before crashing to the ground. Sadly, her boyfriend Tyler Jarrell, 18, was the sole fatality of the accident and she didn’t learn that he was gone until she woke up in the hospital following the deadly malfunction. Keziah was badly hurt, and had already undergone two operations for injuries to her pelvis, ankles and ribs. But nothing can mend the broken heart that she’s suffering with Tyler’s loss. Her mother gave her the devastating news after her daughter kept wondering her where her boyfriend was and why he wasn’t by her bedside.

“She kept asking for her boyfriend,” Clarrisa Williams, 51, said about her daughter. “I had to tell her he was the one who was deceased,” she told The Columbus Dispatch. Tyler had just enlisted in the Marines five days before he was killed and was about to enter his senior year at Franklin Heights High School in Columbus this the fall. He was thrown 50 feet to the ground when the car on the Fireball ride detached and went flying. On video of the accident that went viral, he can he seen dropping through the air to the ground below. Click here for more pics from the Ohio State Fair tragedy.

Clarissa said that her daughter has no memory of the accident itself, and she remains hospitalized while facing a third surgery on July 28. In a spooky recollection, she said that she had worries about the fair ever since her daughter was on a small dragon ride that jumped the tracks when she was only four-years-old. She told the paper that “After that, I was a little leery,” even though her family continued to make going to the state fair a family event. “We went on the rides, didn’t have any problems,” she added.

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