‘Game Of Thrones’: This Major Player Is The Key To Jon Snow Finding Out His True Identity

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7
(Courtesy of Helen Sloan/HBO)

Jon Snow has to find out who his real parents are on ‘GoT,’ and there is someone out there who is still alive that could confirm his identity. I truly believe this character is the keeper of the biggest secret in Westeros!
Okay, so I wholeheartedly believe that Howland Reed, Jojen and Meera’s father, is the guy we all need to watch out for in Game of Thrones season 7. He was the one fighting alongside Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy showdown we saw in the season 6 finale. He wasn’t in the room when Ned discovered his dying sister and her newborn baby boy, but it’s common sense to believe Ned told Howland everything and swore him to secrecy.

In season 3, Jojen told Bran that Howland never talked about what happened during Robert’s Rebellion. Not once. When Jojen revealed to Howland that Ned had died, it was the first time Jojen saw his father cry. Ned and Howland were clearly very close. Lyanna made Ned promise to take care of her son, and I believe Howland has been fulfilling Lyanna’s dying wish all these years, too.

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