Bella Thorne Gets Wet & Wild In A Bathtub While Rocking Tiny Diamond Bikini

The only thing missing from Bella Thorne’s sizzling bathtub photoshoot was a yellow rubber duck. Dressed in a tiny bikini made of diamonds, the actress got wet and wild on Snapchat!
Just when we thought Bella Thorne couldn’t get any sexiest, she busts out the gate with a semi-nude photoshoot from inside a bathtub. The 19-year old Famous In Love actress took to Snapchat on July 28 to document her one-of-a-kind cleansing ritual, complete with a diamond bikini, a dark blue bath bomb, and seductive poses. Bella also rocked diamond necklaces and flaunted her septum piercing in the sizzling stories. No stranger to bringing her phone into the tub, the former Disney star previously posed completely naked, using nothing but her arms to cover her nipples. It seems she’s been treating herself to all kind of luxurious bath bombs and melts since the water is always a different color and so glittery!

With such scandalous Snapchat stories, we have to wonder if Bella is tempting Scott Disick. After all, she claims their relationship is going to be long-lasting…even if it’s not necessarily a romantic one.  “We are [just friends],” she told Us Weekly at the iGoLive launch event, adding, “I think we’ll be friends for a long time, honestly.” Maybe his heavy drinking doesn’t bother her that much anymore. Bella further hinted that she is seeing someone but didn’t mention his name. “I do have someone that I’m starting to see,” she gushed to the outlet. Short and sweet.

Perhaps the reason Bella is being so vague is because Scott’s not the monogamous type. Ever since splitting from Kourtney Kardashian for good, it’s been a revolving door of women for the party boy. He shamelessly chased Bella for awhile, sending her love letters and flowers on a weekly basis, but then he was spotted making out with a mystery lady in Las Vegas. Their unpredictable romance continues to baffle us.

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